Tampa Lolita Meet

So much fun times! Saturday made the entire 800 mile trip well worth it :3

Everyone for a saturday afternoon picture!

Resting my poor feet :3

These little guys totally tricked me into thinking they were just floating pieces of algae.

The ever infamous shoe shot!

Everyone showing off their prints. I was not nearly tall enough to get everyone's print though.

Everyone was so great! And it was awesome to finally meet Miaki_Ryuzaki :3
I can't wait till next time ^_^


Its so close I can taste it ^_^

And this is the long awaited costume I have been waiting 4 years to finally buy and wear:

Gothic Maiden Witch

Body picture 1

Close up with new wig

And my new corset that will be also be used :3

Needless to say: I'm very excited for this weekend's series of events!

Its pretty Amazing what skills go a long way

Who would ever have thought that having a sewing machine and all the necessary tools that go with it would actually come in handy on a Training Command.

Yesterday, one of my shipmates took a crucial gear adrift hit on his uniform that would not come out in time and he did not have time to have the Uniform Store transfer his E-4 badge to his new uniform. So he came to me and using my trusty Seam Rippers FOR THE FIRST TIME, I took the badge off and sewed it onto his other pair.

I was so proud of myself cause the next day, our SLPO couldn't tell the difference of my handiwork from the professionals at the Uniform Store.

As one of my shipmates said: "Damn Chiong. You're pretty badass. You fucking LARP and you sew. I think you just singlehandedly saved this kid's life *points at most unfortunate soul XD*"